Finding the time to exercise

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September 21, 2016
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January 12, 2018

Finding the time to exercise

Exercise can be an overwhelming word which can make the best of us stop talking. People can get the idea in their head that all exercise is flogging yourself to the point of exhaustion. For some people that is what they enjoy and that is great. However, for the average Aussie it’s not high on the daily to do list. So here are some simple ways to get some physical activity and exercise into your day.

Stop Sitting!!!

If you can increase your walking throughout the day you can burn up to 500 more calories without getting up too much of a sweat.

So if you need to have a meeting with college make it a walking meeting.

Take the stairs rather than the lift.

If you can get up from your desk a few times through one hour of work and do a quick walk around the office.

If you have a spare few minutes complete some sit to stands from your chair. Standing can also raise your metabolic rate throughout the day. So rather than sitting to and from work on the bus or train stand.

If you have a wall you can do some wall push ups

If you are sitting down a few times an hours squeeze your tummy and bottom muscles on and off

Remember movement all counts. If you don’t have time to go for the 30minute walk each day incorporate incidental activity into your everyday. Have fun and remember we find time for what we value and prioritise.

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