Women’s Health

At Coordinated Fitness we understand you are unique

Women’s Health

There are so many areas of Women’s health which can need attention over time. At Coordinated Fitness we understand you are unique and any health condition which you may be experiencing can be assisted through exercise. Our Accredited Exercise Physiologist can assist your management of:

  • PCOS
  • Endometriosis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Pelvic Floor Stability
  • Pre and post baby exercise

All of these conditions can be assisted through the right exercise. Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists can develop you a specific exercise program to assist in your management of these conditions. Thank you.

To discuss any of these health conditions and how Coordinated Fitness can assist you please book a FREE 15 min consult to talk to our Accredited Exercise Physiologists. We are here to assist you live the life you want whilst keeping your health condition managed.

Exercising to assist PCOS

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a complex hormonal condition. PCOS can be associated with problems such as irregular menstrual cycles, excessive facial and body hair growth, acne, obesity, reduced fertility and increased risk of diabetes. Through a tailored exercise program we can help you manage your PCOS. Exercise for our patients has helped reduce insulin levels, reduce abdominal fat, and assist in maintaining blood sugars. We have also seen patients lose over 15kg through the right exercise intervention. To assist PCOS management the correct combination of strength and aerobic training is required and our Accredited Exercise Physiologists can assist.

If you want to chat with one of our Exercise Physiologists click the link above to book your FREE 15min Consult.

Exercising with Endometriosis

A common comment ladies make when we consult with them and they experience Endometriosis is ‘I want to exercise but I don’t want abdominal pain to interfere OR they just don’t know what exercise they can complete safely.

The biggest benefit of exercise when you have endometriosis is a reduction in estrogen levels which can assist management of symptoms. Also, completing the right exercise can assist in inflammation & increase endorphins.

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Exercising to Assist Gestational Diabetes

When having your baby it is important to keep your blood sugar levels controlled. If you’ve been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, we can keep you specific exercises to help maintain your blood sugar levels and work in coordination with your doctor and specialists. It’s important to keep moving during your pregnancy to assist your blood sugar levels remain normal. Our Exercise Physiologists can assist with this through our supportive therapy programs either in the water or on land.

We realise during your pregnancy there is a lot going on to put your mind at ease please contact us for a FREE 15min Phone Consult.

Exercising to Assist Pelvic Floor Stability

Did you know that Pelvic Floor Dysfunction affects 1 in 4 women aged in their 30’s to 70’s. The most common cause of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction is childbirth and can leave women with the following problems:

  • Urinary incontinence
  • Fecal incontinence
  • Inability to have regular bowl movement and difficulty urinating
  • Bloated or heave feeling in the abdomen

Coordinated Fitness’s Accredited Exercise Physiologists can assist in ensuring you are correctly activating your pelvic floor and supporting muscles. We can also provide guidance on the types of exercises you can complete for whole body exercise which will not place adverse pressure through your pelvic floor.

To discuss the any issues you may have with your pelvic stability and possible exercises please contact us for a FREE 15min Phone Consult.

Pre and Post Baby Exercise

Exercise during and after pregnancy is very important for both your and your baby’s health. Time and management of your new baby often become the focus post baby. Let our Exercise Physiologists develop you a home based program you can complete in the convenience of your home. You will receive an app with all of your exercises on there to follow the videos.

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