Coordinated Fitness offers Supervised Hydrotherapy or Water Therapy Classes


Hydrotherapy, or aquatic therapy, is the completion of exercises whilst in a heated pool to treat a wide range of health or musculoskeletal conditions. It can be incredibly effective in allowing individuals who may be in pain or have trouble exercising out of the water to complete an appropriate exercise program. Common conditions which can benefit from hydrotherapy include back pain, arthritis, neurological conditions, fibromyalgia, hip and knee replacements and general muscle and joint pain. The warmth and support of the water can provide relief for these conditions and allow exercise to be completed in a pain-free or reduced pain manner.

At Coordinated Fitness we use the Mt Gravatt East Pool to complete hydrotherapy. This indoor pool features a ramp for easy access, as well as water wheelchair use and changerooms with showers. We offer both individual and group hydrotherapy exercise sessions, to suit your personal needs. Individual sessions allows one-on-one attention to monitor exercise technique and appropriate exercise prescription and progression.

Group hydrotherapy classes are limited to numbers to ensure all individuals are closely monitored and able to be assisted where necessary. Each participant also completes an individualised exercise program to ensure they are working towards their own specific goals.

Days and times available for our Group Hydrotherapy Classes can be found in our Group Exercise Timetable.

Major Health Funds Available