Exercise Oncology

Exercise Oncology that Gets Results

Exercise Oncology

Exercise is a critical component of a treatment plan for people with cancer. At Coordinated Fitness, we offer exercise therapy for those currently undergoing or have completed treatment related to cancer. Exercise programs have been shown to improve the effectiveness and reduce the side effects of treatments including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, hormonal therapy, and targeted therapy. With an individualized program, we are able to strengthen the body’s organs and bones to better direct the treatment straight to the tumor. Exercise is also beneficial in reducing the severity of the side effects relating to cancer treatment, including fatigue, pain, bone loss, muscle loss and mobility concerns.

Throughout treatment, the body’s immune system gradually weakens. However, following exercise, the body naturally produces more of these ‘natural killer cells’ and boosts your immune system. This reduces the risk of contracting other illnesses whilst undergoing cancer treatment.

After treatment, an Exercise Physiologist will assist you in achieving your goals relating to restoring function, strength, endurance, mobility, fatigue and mental health and quality of life. At Coordinated Fitness, we encourage exercise to be fun and engaging, and appreciate the journey you are on with cancer. Our Exercise Physiologists will tailor an exercise program for you that is evidence-based and effective for your condition.

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