What happens in a Coordinated Fitness Client Consultations


Initial consultation

  • Medical history
  • History of injuries and surgery
  • Current medications

Based on your specific health condition, requirements and goals you will be provided with an appropriate program which may involve cardiovascular exercise, specific strength training and various exercise routines.

Your initial consultation is designed to assist in formulating a plan for your treatment. Within this consultation you will leave with a clear plan and some exercises to get you started. You will also have a layout of future consultations and services that you will require such as Fitness and Skin Fold testing along with reviewing of exercises and possible gym programs.

Fitness and Skin Fold Testing Consultations

After your initial session if it has been identified by the AEP that you need either a Fitness &/or Skin Fold test we will complete these in a 30minute review.

Fitness Test

The fitness test is completed on the treadmill using what is known as the Bruce Protocol. This test is designed to give you an estimated VO2max which is used as a measure of your fitness level. This will be re assessed over the course of your treatment.

Skin Fold Testing

The skin fold test is completed using calipers to determine measurements which are used to calculate your percentage body fat. This will be re assessed over the course of your treatment to determine your improvement.

Review Consultations

30 & 45 minute Review

30 minute Review

Within a 30 and 45minute review our AEP’s will re assess how you are going with your goals. Whether you are meeting your targets and if changes need to be made to your exercise program. This review may take part in a consultation room, medical centre or at a gym facility depending on your needs and program.

Couples & Families

Couples and families are welcome at Coordinated Fitness. Successful habit changes are often easier to achieve when you have the support of a family member or friend. Couples and family consultations provide an effective way to ensure changes to exercise habits can be sustained in the long term.


To make an appointment, please call us on 3901 2083.

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