Diabetes Health Matrix

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Diabetes Health Matrix

If you are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, you are eligible for receive Group Allied Health Services (group exercise sessions) fully subsidised by Medicare each year. This program involves a comprehensive initial assessment followed by eight group exercise sessions supervised by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist.

Exercise programs are tailored to your specific needs, with group classes run in a safe, supportive, and motivating environment for everyone of any exercise background.

It is recommended for individuals living with type 2 diabetes to have no more than two consecutive days of non-exercise to prevent diabetes related complications in the future. Therefore, individuals with type 2 diabetes are highly recommended to be engaged in regular exercise at least 3 times per week. This program is a fantastic way to get you started on living a healthier, active lifestyle.

Benefits of exercise for individuals living with type 2 diabetes

  • Improve your blood glucose control
  • Prevent diabetes related complications
  • Improve physical strength and function
  • Improve heart and lung health
  • Maintain a healthy body weight
  • Plus, much more!

You can download and print the relevant referral form by clicking on the box below which will need to be signed by your GP before commencing. Your GP will have access to this form, or alternatively, we are able to supply you one at our clinic.

Please call us on 0417 765 818 or email us at info@coordinatedfitness.com to find out when you can book in your initial assessment and weekly group classes.

Download Group Diabetes Program Form

Coordinated Fitness also delivers the Beat It program for exercise management of diabetes. Find more information here or, contact us on 0417 765 818 for more information.

For further information on the Group Diabetes Program and how Coordinated Fitness Exercise Physiologists can help you, please call 1300 25 44 17 or email info@coordinatedfitness.com

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