Injury prevention and Treatment

Coordinated Fitness can help with Injury Rehab

Injury Rehabilitation and Treatment

Are you injured or keep having the same pain which won’t go away?

Have you tried lots of other practitioners and nothing has worked?

Then you need to see our Living Through Movement difference…

So, what is the Living Through Movement Difference?

Now, just because you have lower back pain does not mean the core issue is your lower back. Yes it may be tight but why is this so. Do you have muscles which are activating in patterns they shouldn’t or muscles not activating when they should. Are your bottom muscles or hamstrings tight? Is there tightness on one side of your body but not the other creating rotational forces as you complete your daily tasks?

In our Living Through Movement assessment we give you all of the answers to these questions. We then give you the stretches to complete to release tight areas and provide you with exercises to strength weak areas.

We promote movement through reduced pain. The theory of no pain no gain we don’t believe in with exercise prescription. We want to calm your pain receptors down and then build your strength. If you want to build your strength and reduce pain then you need to try our Living Through Movement Difference…


Coordinated Fitness's Exercise Physiologists are registered with Work Cover Queensland meaning we can handle the physical rehabilitation of your workers after injury. Through our postural assessment we can target areas of your body which need attention to assist in stabilising your posture. We are also in consultation with your osteopath, physiotherapist, chiropractor or other allied health professionals to assist you in your treatment. At Coordinated Fitness your health, strength and wellness are our priority so consulting with other Allied Health Professionals forms the multidisciplinary approach we use to assist you. You will be feeling stronger and more stable from the exercises the Coordinated Fitness staff prescribe for you. So, do not sit around in pain give Coordinated Fitness a call 07 3901 2083

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