For Referrers

Information needed to refer to Coordinated Fitness

For Referrers

When you refer a patient to Coordinated Fitness you will receive an initial letter outlining our treatment plan as well as regular updates on your patient. There are multiple ways to refer a patient to Coordinated Fitness. There is our general referral form for patients who may not be eligible for an EPC referral. Our individual EPC form for patients with chronic health conditions, and if patients have Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus there is our Medicare Type 2 Diabetes Referral Form for our group programs. If you have a patient who needs treatment and is a DVA card holder a D904 referral can be completed to treat specific health conditions.

General Referral Form for Coordinated Fitness

EPC download

Download EPC Form

Medicare Type 2 Diabetes referral form

Download Type 2 Referral Form

General Referral Form

As a patient if you are interested in being referred to Coordinated Fitness and believe you are eligible for a EPC referral please download our form and take it to your GP to discuss your eligibility.

Download General Referral Form

Referral for NDIS

For NDIS referrals Coordinated Fitness can assist through the Health and Wellbeing category. To refer a participant of the NDIS to Coordinated Fitness either call us on 39012083 or email us on and we can discuss the details.

How people can refer for the My Health for Life Program

To determine if you are eligible for the My Health For Life program you can complete the risk assessment at At the competition of the risk assessment if you are eligible for the program when entering your details write your surname and CFitness. The team from My Health for Life will call you to let you know when the next Coordinated Fitness program is starting in June 2019.

How people can refer for the Beat it Program

If you have Type 1, Type 2 or Gestational Diabetes and are registered with NDSS you can complete our Beat It program. You can email us on with your details and we can notify Diabetes Australia or you can call them directly on 1300 136 588 to express your interest. Our next program will commence in July 2019.