Looking holistically at your health

Health is more than how much your weight
September 21, 2016
Finding the time to exercise
September 21, 2016

Looking holistically at your health

Looking holistically at your health

There are 7 dimensions of wellness for your health.

Emotional – understand ourselves and cope with life’s challenges

Physical – ability to maintain a good quality of life and have the energy to complete tasks

Social – our ability to relate and connect with the people around us

Spiritual – our ability to have peace and harmony within our lives through our beliefs

Environment – recognising our responsibility and impact on the environment

Occupational – having fulfilment from our work

Intellectual – our ability to open our minds up to new ideas and learnings

Whilst there are 7 dimensions of wellness often we focus only on 1 or 2 areas. If there are big imbalances between the dimensions then we can feel out of balance. This is when stress and uncertainty can kick in and our health and wellness suffers. Take the time to sit down and ask yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being unhappy – 10 being feeling positive) where do you sit in each dimension. Once you have done this you can target the areas to improve and start to implement strategies to assist. If you want more information of this blog or to watch a video please click on the link here.

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